The forth meeting of the project team held

On 6th March 2018 the forth meeting of the Renew Heat project team was held in Karlovac.

On 6th March 2018 the forth meeting of the Renew Heat project team was held in Karlovac. The meeting was participated by the partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina (City of Cazin and Development Agency of the Una-Sana Canton) and Croatia (REGEA and Karlovac County).
The main topic of discussion of the project meeting was the current phase of procurement and installation of 3 biomass boilers in  public sector in Croatia and BiH. The Karlovac County has completed the procurement, selected the bidders, and started the preparatory works for boiler installation in February 2018. During March 2018, the boilers will be installed and all the accompanying works will be completed. The City of Cazin is in the phase of the completion of procurement procedures, selected the bidder, and the works are expected to last until May 2018.
In addition to boilers procurement, the topic of discussion was the heat contracting, i.e. creation of contracts that will ensure the engagement of a specialized company for providing energy services (supply of heat) for a certain period of time. REGEA is in charge of developing and informing partners about the contracted heat sales model, and together with partners from Karlovac County, is in the process of drafting the contract. Heat contracting model was presented to partners from Cazin and DAUSC during a 2-day interactive workshop and they are advises and informed as needed.
In addition to this, other project activities, implementation dynamics and projected results were discussed. The project partners from BiH gave statements about the project, partnership and procurement, installation of boilers in BiH for the purpose of making the project promotional video.