About US

Main objective is to drive the regional energy transition based on sustainable use of a readily available renewable energy source - wood - leading to increased energy security, a cleaner environment and a stronger economy of the cross-border region. Namely, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are forest rich countries and have traditionally used wood for heating and cooking. The problem is that the way wood is used traditionally is not sustainable, so it is not environmentally friendly. This project is about changing the reputation of wood by showing that the oldest renewable fuel can not only reduce carbon footprint but also help develop the local economy if used sustainably.

Project partners: North-west Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA), Development Agency of the Una-Sana Canton, Karlovac County and City of Cazin. 

Main project activities:

1)      Joint coordination and day-to-day management,

2)      Supporting the switch to biomass in public buildings, including replacement/installation of three biomass boilers in public buildings – two in the City of Cazin and one in Duga Resa,

3)      Bottom-up energy transition to renewable energy sources:

·        Organization of  3-day Collaborative Lab and Study tour in Croatia,

·        Organization of 2-day Immersive work-shops,

·        Implementation of new heat supply model in Croatia and BiH,

·        Training of local advocators for energy savings,

·        Trainings for energy savings,

·        Road map for expanding the use of woody biomass for energy purposes in the CBC region,

·        Creation and production of promotional materials.


Overall value of the project: 698.681,17 EUR

Duration of the project: 18 months